Will Not Sync With Dropbox


There. Said it.

So far I have not been able to get it to connect to dropbox…in fact I can’t get it to make the connection at all it won’t even login. I don’t get a dialog box that makes that connection.

I only get a pop up that says Could Not Connect To Dropbox.

Quitting and restarting Scrivener doesn’t’ work. Uninstalling doesn’t work.

My iPad has been tethered, has its own data, and tried 2 different WiFi connections.

Do you have the Dropbox app installed? Is it logged in and functioning ok?

I had a similar problem and it seemed to be because I had recently changed my Dropbox password but the iPad app session had stayed open with the old password. Logged out of Dropbox and back in then all was good.

I’d also recommend a shit down and restart of the iPad.


Yes dropbox installed.

Hard reset iPad…all of it.


I take it Dropbox is the only online service you’re having an issue with? Email, browsing etc all working fine?

General FYI hard reset is NOT a recommended troubleshooting step until other causes ruled out. If other online/wifi etc services workign fine a hard reset will generally not achieve anything.

So my understanding is that Dropbox app on iOS works ok outside of Scrivener. i.e., you can browse and open files there, and you can change things on the desktop app that are reflected on iOS and the other way around. But when you try to setup Scrivener iOS to sync to dropbox you get an error?


iPad otherwise functions. Dropbox works…

It finally connected. I just had to hit the sync button for the last hour.

I hate dropbox…Have I said that?

Glad you’re up and running :slight_smile:

interestingly, I have had a similar issues. dropbox has my scrivener files from my computer (only one project so far) and I have linked the iOS app to it.

after hitting sync, nothing happens.

it shows that its downloading the information, but then once done, no projects listed.

could you show screenshots of your Dropbox folders in Finder on your desktop, and another screenshot of the set up of Dropbox in your iOS Scrivener?

solved my problem…i think.

Instead of choosing the sync location like i usually do, I simply dragged my .scriv file to the dropbox folder on my desktop.

seemed to work just fine after that.

… meaning you tried to use “Sync with external folder”? Just Save your project, the normal way, into the folder you use for connecting the desktop and the iOS device.

Yes, I first tried sync with external folder and it linked up with Dropbox but not scrivener for iOS. I removed the files from drop box and dragged the .scriv file from my desktop to Dropbox networked folder and immediately it linked up and allows me to edit sync.

The beauty of it is that you don’t have to do anything special at all, but that’s at the same time what’s creating the problems. People think they have to do some special “syncing”, when all you have to do is to tell your iOS Scrivener in which Dropbox folder the desktop Scrivener is Saving it’s projects.