Will scriv 3 work on ipad?(air 2)

havent used it in 2 years old version worked fine

I must admit I’m confused here. Scrivener for iOS is still at v. 1.2.1, and should work on your iPad air 2 fine. Scrivener for Mac is at 3.2.2. Scrivener for Windows is at 3.0.1. To which Scrivener are you referring?

ok fine i didnt know

And if you are wondering if your hardware is too old to properly use Scrivener—no it is not. Everything works just fine. IPad Air 2 here too.

The website, at the bottom of the overview page, has technical details.

Scrivener 1.2.1
Requires iOS 9+

So it’s not quite every device in existence, as the original iPhone and iPad cannot run version 9. But anything that can run version 9 can run Scrivener.