Will Scrivener 1.x be discontinued?

Will Scrivener 1.x be discontinued after the release of 3.x?

That would be a safe assumption. Historically Literature and Latte have stopped development of prior versions when a new major version is released. They are quite good about providing downloads for legacy Scrivener versions. So if you wish to continue using your 1.X scrivener license on your device it will likely still be possible.

IOW, v. 1.x will be “discontinued” in the sense that they will no longer sell it and no longer update it. But it should still continue to work, if you should choose not to upgrade to v. 3 when it is released. I imagine it will still be possible to post technical questions regarding v. 1.x in these forums; I have no idea whether L&L will continue to provide support for it themselves. All from a standpoint of no authority or inside knowledge whatsoever, just my best guesses.

What DavidR said.

Scrivener licenses do not expire. Scrivener 1 will continue to work, and we’ll continue to answer support questions for it. (For comparison, we still get a few questions for Mac Scrivener 2 every month.) But there will be no further updates – beyond, perhaps, a last “bug fix” release – and we will no longer sell additional licenses for it.


Read the forum. They haven’t supported Scrivener V1 in at least six months. Despite not having V2 that early.

What difference will “discontinued” make?

“They” meaning Literature & Latte? Meaning they’re not answering technical support requests? You have evidence of that? Or “they” meaning fellow users in the forum? I’m still seeing v. 1 questions getting answered here.