Will Scrivener for iPadOS allow multitasking

I wandered if the new abilities of iPadOS, allowing us to open multiple windows of the same app, would work one day with Scrivener for iOS.
That would enable some sort of Quick View functionality, but more similar to what we have in MacOS than for now in iOS.
That would also allow us to open 2 projects at the same time.
Is that something you are worlking on, or not at all?

Probably not, L&L needs to create an iPadOS version that doesn’t crash when you try and sync. Multitasking would be very nice to have but unless a specific iPadOS version (not the same version for iOS) is created it probably won’t be supported. Hopefully support will prove me wrong.

Scrivener on iPadOS doesn’t crash for me when syncing.

If it does for you then there may be something specific in your setup or projects - have you reported this to support, with details?

I’ve reported it already. The iPad Pro has been completely wiped and restored.

Should have stayed with iOS 12, it worked a lot better. This is the first time I’ve had trouble with the iOS version. I’m probably going to get rid of the iPad if this continues.

I’ve talked with other people with the same problem with the iPad Pro 3rd generation that I have.

There’s nothing wrong with the iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen. Why you would get rid of such a great unit just because of a glitch with the iOS upgrade puzzles me. The issue is not restricted to that model, impacts previous, iPhones from 8 to 11 and seems random.

I have one and while it crashed on synching after the 13 upgrade, Making a new directory on the Mac, moving all the projects there and wiping them from the iPad and moving all current projects back one at a time worked a treat and synching resumed.

There’s obviously a dropbox/iOS13 issue from reports of other apps. Apple/Dropbox/L&L will resolve it.

My 3rd gen 12.9 Pro syncs like before. No change. No problems.