Will Scrivener v3 use Paddle?

Will Scrivener v3 use Paddle?

I would consider upgrading my 2016 license if it doesn’t…


Consider that Scrivener v3 for Mac uses Paddle…

…Paddle has its issues, but it does support multiple platforms.

That is the reason why I am asking …

Whatever these “multiple platforms” are, my Windows setup does not seem to be one of those.

I solved the Trial Mode problem with my v1.9.13 installation by rolling back to v1.9.9, but v3 will not have a working version to roll back to.

Have you contacted L&L Support directly via email to work through the issues? They won’t solve licensing issues via the forums because of privacy issues, but if there is something out of whack with your actual license, they can work with you or help point you to forum threads that describe fixes that have worked to solve this issue for others.

I’m not sure why I would do that. The Release Notes do not mention any improvement of 1.* versions since v1.9.9, only the introduction of a license management system that is clearly broken. Thanks anyway.

Rolling back to 1.9.9 is only a temporary solution, as the company that supported our licenses at that point no longer exists. Should you ever need to re-register, you will not be able to do so.

There have been several license-related enhancements since 1.9.13. Should you still have issues with the latest version, 1.9.16, we would like to know about them. We can’t fix something we haven’t seen.