Will Scrivener work with a touchscreen computer?


I’m not sure whether this is a “Scrivener” question or a computer question, but here goes:

We are looking at a new computer for the writing room (an HP Touchsmart 610-1150f). The touchscreen functionality looks kind of cool, and is very functional for hyperlinking (e.g. in Wikipedia). I haven’t been able to find ANY information on whether touchscreens work within apps, in general, or scrivener, in particular. The dream, of course, would be to flick Scrivener index cards around by finger instead of mouse.

Is anyone using Scrivener with a touchscreen, and/or know whether it’d work?


That would be really cool if it did…

Especially with Windows 8 tablets just around the corner.

On my all-in-one pc with touch-screen, this works fine^^