Will Scrivener Work with Mac OS 10.4.11 on iBook

My wife has an older Mac iBook she inherited from my daughter and we’d like for her to be able to work with Scrivener with some of the books I’ve written so she could become the ‘publishing’ arm of this dynamic ‘on purpose’ duo. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if Scrivener works on a Mac iBook with an operating system of 10.4.11 which is what hers has installed. If so, is it permitted for her and me to share the same copy of Scrivener or would she be required to purchase her own.

If her OS would need to be upgraded, does anyone know if an iBook can be further upgraded or would we need to eventually get her a MacBook?

Thanks. I love how much productive I am with Scrivener! Now want to take it to the next level by including my wife.



Yes, Scrivener will run on an iBook running 10.4.11, and yes you can use the same licence for your wife.

We may need to drop 10.4 and PPC support from future updates of 2.x simply because Apple are pushing for this (they have completely dropped support for 10.4 and PPC from their latest developer tools - I have to boot into Snow Leopard in order to build Scrivener for distribution in order to support these older platforms these days). When this happens, though, we’ll still make available a version of 2.x that runs on these platforms and which is compatible with future versions of 2.x.

Hope that helps.

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Just the answer I wanted to hear. :smiley: Thanks!

Can I drag and drop my scrivener program over to her iBook to install it or is there a better way?


You can do that, yes, or you can just download again from the website to her machine. You’ll need to enter your serial number on her machine either way.

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Wondering where I can find my serial number. I’ve been looking for it in my email folder where I normally keep those kinds of emails as well as in my program. It’s registered to Brad Swift. Can you help?

It’s the last step to have it on my wife’s ibook.

Still wondering where to find my serial number, or is there a way to request it be resent. I’ve searched in my emails for the original message and can’t find it.

Help please.

Email David at sales@literaturandlatte.com