Will Scrivener work with Voice Control?

I’m guessing it will? Maybe the current version will already work with it? I absolutely want to be able to read out loud to Scrivener and have it voice to text for me.

Or maybe it already does?

You can already use voice dictation on your mac (using the built-in facility or third-party software).



p.s. Begin lecture. It is, of course, ridiculous to ask how Scrivener performs with some facility that was just announced to the world yesterday. The developers must get immortally tired of hearing such snap questions! In this case the question was also (to put it bluntly) a lazy one. Simply Googling ‘voice dictation on mac’ would have obviated your post. Or appealing to your mac’s own Help menu for that matter. It looks like you should spend some more time getting to know the capabilities of your mac! Voice dictation on the mac is not a new feature. Finally, you have misunderstood what Voice Control is. It is not about dictation, which already exists on the mac. The promise of Voice Control is the ability to control the user interface more broadly – using a built-in facility – a high value function for people with certain challenges. This is the new capability Apple was announcing. End of lecture.