Will "Show Page View" Be Available in Version 3 for Windows?

I’m a total newbie to Scrivener (as in, I only downloaded the free trial yesterday after some nudges from a writer friend of mine who finally convinced me to give Scrivener a go).

I’m liking the software so far and am considering buying it after the trial is over. I noticed the next version will be a Version 3. My question is this:

I watched some video reviews and tutorials, some of them based on the Mac version and some on the Windows version. One feature of the Mac version that I really, really liked was the “Show Page View”. I’m wondering if this will become available to Windows users when the new version is released? I only have a Windows computer, so that cool “Show Page View” isn’t an option for me, which is a shame because I would absolutely love to have it.

Anyway, it’s not really a deal-breaker for me, but I would love some insight into whether that feature will possibly be available for Windows in the future!



P.S. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forums! I wasn’t really sure where it would fit.

Yes, Page View is in the Windows Beta, you’ll be pleased to know…

That’s fantastic to hear! Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply :smiley:

Sure wish they would make it available for iOS. That would be great.