Will the iOS version work under an iOS emulator on android

There are iOS emulators for android that are supposed to allow some iOS programs to run on android devices. Would the current iOS version of Scrivener run on some iOS emulator for android, such as either iEMU or “cider”? And is that allowable under the iOS license for Scrivener (at least until there is an android version of Scrivener)?

– comvox, a pleased Scrivener for Windows user with a beautiful android tablet , but no iOS device

Such a configuration is unsupported and entirely at your own risk.

It also probably violates the iOS App Store terms of service. apple.com/legal/macapps/stdeula/


iOS emulators on Android device can’ t actually give you the full features and functinality, remember this is juts emulation, you can use it most of the times like the actually iOS device but somehow, lots of undupported software will probably make you feel that you are not using an actual iOS. Try this reference to check on other emulators.
youprogrammer.com/ios-iphone-em … r-android/