Will the iOS version work via "Desktop sync"?

Sometimes I forget to keep my laptop recharged–I work at coffee shops so this can be very frustrating as there are few electric plugs available in the coffee shops where I live. So I’m looking at several options (battery recharger, learning better habits) including buying Scrivener for iOS.

My thinking is that I can keep the iPad handy and if I find myself without power I can just fire up the iPad and keep going.

My complication is that I don’t sync via Dropbox. Instead, I keep my Scrivener master folder on the Mac Desktop, which syncs across all my devices via iCloud. No problems at all, works great.

So, my question: Will this work with the iOS version of Scrivener? Or do I really need Dropbox to make it all work?


Yes, you really need Dropbox. Here’s a link to the Knowledge Base articles on the subject:


But to give a short description of why: Scrivener projects aren’t really files. They’re packages, which means disguised folders with hundreds, perhaps thousands of subfolders and files inside. Desktop Scrivener only loads what it needs into memory (RAM). It’s constantly updating its indexes and individual documents and writing them back out to disk as you work on them. Only Dropbox permits iOS Scrivener to be in sufficient control of exactly when those bits get read/written to make synchronisation practical.

BTW, while having a Scrivener project on a synced desktop doesn’t hurt, having the “optimise Mac storage” option enabled on your system does. Please be sure turn this option OFF in your Mac system preferences if you’re mirroring your desktop and documents folder to iCloud and have stored Scrivener projects there.

And Just to stress the i portance of Silverdragons comment… you risk corrupting your whole project if you don’t have it all, all the subfolders and files, on your Mac. Partial syncing with iCloud can destroy it all.

O.K., thanks. I suspected it would be an obstacle.

I’ll buy a battery for emergencies–I can use it for other purposes as well…