Will There Be A Final Draft 8?

Thought I’d ask, since Keith has had some contact with the Final Draft people recently: There still are Final Draft people, right? Their software is in active development? When you ring the doorbell, someone answers?

I’m so used to looking at my words in Scrivener that seeing them in FD illustrates how profoundly neglected that app is — it’s like I exported my work to the distant past. It has to have been 4 years since the last incremental upgrade, and God knows how long since they introduced version 7. I seem to remember reading a “Will 7 work on OS X?” FAQ, so that puts it at what, 2001?

Anyway, just wondering. If anyone knows anything about FD 8, I’d be interested to hear.

Yes, there will be a Final Draft 8. Look here:

finaldraft.com/purchase/free … m-form.php

In particular:

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Wow, cool, thanks Keith! I’d totally missed that in my search.

I actually don’t know why I complain about it like I do. Now that Scrivener has such easy FD support, I’m barely ever in FD at all. Still, that’s good news.

And lo and behold, this is what appeared in my inbox tonight. Sounds very interesting, and Scrivener gets a nod!

From Final Draft

Our engineering and QA team has been hard at work for almost 2 and a half years getting Final Draft version 8 ready for prime time. It’s almost hard to imagine we’ve been on the path this long and, yes – it has been a long time coming.

Even though we’re a small staff, I’m pleased to say that so far, the feedback we’ve received from our beta testers and product team members has been quite positive. In fact we just completed a survey with them in anticipation of the launch and, based on their feedback, we feel like what you will receive will be a solid piece of software that has been professionally tested by a number of people working today in film, television and theatre.

With the software release coming up later this year, here are a few tidbits of information for you to chew on while you wait …

Our focus in development has been in three main areas: The phases of writing, production features, and making the script accessible across many media.

The first focus, the phases of writing, took us through the ways that our customers write now and what the various things they’d like Final Draft to do that many “story development” tools do now. Look for these new tools to help you in that process:

A completely NEW Scene Navigator
A NEW Scene View
Improved Index Cards – printing and re-sorting
The ability to add Color and a Title to your scenes
Our second focus, production features, emphasized the rewrite process and ways to streamline the work involved for people sending revisions to set. A few enhancements you’ll see include:

Automatic page changes based on the revision color
All templates now include standard revision colors
Merging and unmerging locked pages is now easier
You can now issue revisions as PDF in addition to hard copy
Title pages now include their own numbering for Cast and Locations pages
Our third focus, accessibility, is all based on Final Draft’s new file format. We have changed to an XML-based file format that will work with a number of other software applications used by writers, producers and creators of all types of media. Basically, any application that needs to get the details of the script will be able to do so with ease.

Story Development tools - Create your ideas in applications like Scrivener and Storyist and save .fdx files right from them to open directly in Final Draft
Production tools – Look for the following products to read the new .fdx file format, with more information than these products used to read from Final Draft: ToonBoom’s StoryBoard Pro, EP Scheduling, Gorilla, and Media Services’ Showbiz Scheduling software
Post Production tools – Look for Avid to read and write back to the file format for some of the tools they’re working on.
Buy Final Draft version 7 after February 1, 2009, and receive an upgrade to Final Draft version 8 for free!
To take advantage of this special offer,
Visit: finaldraft.com/freeupgrade

This looks very interesting and it’s good that FD is opening up to the rest of the world. Slightly concerned by the problems that a new file format will bring when exchanging files with FD users who haven’t upgraded though. There’s no mention of Intel native though I assume that’s a given. Unfortunately the FD site is completely down at the moment so I can’t check. I still think Montage is a good piece of software and now it can import and export FD files a possible alternative for when I finally have to sit down and use these things in earnest.

Dare one ask if there will be an FD file format export in Scrivener at some stage, Keith?

The 1.5 beta in the Beta Testing forum already exports to FCF. Also, as Sean posted, it seems that Final Draft have already announced it:

So Scrivener will support the Final Draft 8 file format for much better import and export.

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Ooohhh! Clearly decisions will have to be made. Will be interested to see what kind of workflow will make the relationship between Scrivener and FD worthwhile. But then movies still baffle me somewhat.