Will there be a new RC?

Tried to ask through Twitter already, but got no response.

Is the Scrivener 3 for WIN going to come out before the 20th when the RC 14 stops working? Since the old Scrivener can’t open those files anymore. Or will there be another RC?

There will be a new RC.

No, the RC will expire in a couple of days and everyone who has been writing on the various betas and RCs for the past couple of years will lose access to their work until L&L decide to release something else.

Seriously, asked like clockwork a couple of days before expiry every time and the response has always been, a new one will be released before the current expires. A quick search would find 30-40 answers.

TIHO-D, you spoiled my fun :smiley:

Indeed, I just confirmed your words. ;-)

Great that there’s still such upstanding nice people on the internet. :slight_smile:

Only the best.

They all went away shortly after all the people who heeded the advice to read before posting.

With the Qt bug making Scrivener crash when checking for updates, I don’t think we’ll see a full release until that’s sorted. (And it’s a bug on the Qt end of things, so they’re pretty much at the mercy of the Qt devs.)

All fine and dandy, except there was nothing about it regarding the current RC. I don’t ask before searching. :slight_smile:

Ah I see. I’ve actually had zero problems with the beta, so wasn’t aware. I’ve only tried the latest version. That explains though! Thanks for letting me know.

Just so you know, RC15 has been released.