Will there be a Page Layout/Page Preview function?

Will there be a Page Preview or Page Layout function in the near future for Windows version of Scrivener? Or some indication of Page Break in the Editor?

I’ve been exploring the trial version and am liking what I see very much – great ergonomics and functionality. A joy to use. The page preview omission is the only drawback I’ve come across in my work.


There will be what we call a page view, which should not be confused with a page layout or preview function. It’s mainly an aesthetic option for folks that like to “see pages go by” as they write and use that to feel a sense of progress. It just draws your margin and paper size settings on the screen and drops your editor text into it. It most often has very little to do with what the document will print like though, hence, not a layout or preview.

Regarding page breaks, most people establish these by cutting their book into sections. There are many ways of going about that, but the two most common methods are to use folders as major sections, each containing a number of files for smaller portions of book material and notes within that chapter. Secondly, a sequence of text files for major sections when major sections are shorter, or the author does not prefer to work in smaller pieces than major sections. So that is, most often, your page break. If you switch to a new folder or file, depending on how you set things up and prefer to work, you are crossing a page break boundary.

You can see manually inserted page breaks if you wish, though. Use the Format/Options/Show Invisibles menu command. These are rarely used though. Most prefer to break things into logical sections and use the “Page Break Before” in Inspector, or let the Separators compile option pane choose a procedural method for applying them (like between all text files, or whenever a new folder is started).

Thank you for the informative reply. Glad to see there will be “page view”. I think it does help give a sense of pace.


May I ask WHEN there will be a page view introduced to Windows Scrivener?

I actually find page view very useful, and unlike probably most people, I’m setting up my formatting on-screen as I go and compiling “as is” – so I get what I see on the screen. This is because I’m ultimately trying to use Scrivener not only for writing the manuscript but also for producing a workable print-ready PDF. I’m pretty much there since I can set up page size, margins, font, line height, and everything else. The only thing I can’t quite do is “edit on the fly” when I get to the end of a page and see a single word that runs onto the next page.

Scrivener is GREAT. :smiley:

Hello, I’m looking forward to write some script outlines with Scrivener, but I don’t now if I can use Page View on Windows (it’s very important to me know how many pages I’ve written). Is the page view available on Windows yet?

Thank you very much.

No, Page View will be part of the next major update. You can currently use Project Statistics to check the compiled page count for the draft or for a specific selection of scenes.

Dear MM,

just to be clear, is the page view in the latest update or did you mean the next major update after this one?

Not included in 1.7. Despite it having a lot of new features and bug fixes, 1.7 is a free update for the 1.x version. “Major” updates are new version numbers and paid updates, e.g. Scrivener 2.0 on the Mac was a major upgrade following 1.x minor updates through 1.54. For the next major update, we’ll be overhauling the editor code and updating the Qt framework, which will pave the way for introducing some of these more complex features.

Dear MM,

since I don´t know anything about programming, I didn´t know how much troubles this would be :smiley:
Thanks very much the information. I´ll look forward to a paid update some day in the future :smiley: