Will there be support for png paste?

When I paste a png in Scapple, the image does not have transparent background. Will the next version support this format?

That sounds to me like a problem with whatever is doing the copying. I just did a quick test, as I was pretty sure we support 24-bit PNG alpha masking, and it looks good to me! Here is a test you can try:

  1. Select Scapple in Finder and press ⌘I to Get Info.
  2. Click on the icon in the upper left corner of the info palette, and press ⌘C to Copy the icon graphic to the clipboard.
  3. Switch back to Scapple and paste.

Now if you mean whether the object is truly transparent in Scapple, as opposed to applying a matte that matches the local background colour (board or shape)—well in that case that’s just how Scapple works. It does not have transparency and you will see that even if you overlap a note with an image. The full extent of the note will be drawn over the image, not just the text content.

Attached is an example .scap file, demonstrating the different applications of matte to both text and images alike.
scapple_transparency.zip (22.5 KB)

Hi AmberV,
Ok, you are right about the paste png. I’m try a different source, like attach.

But the scapple export to PNG do not produce a transparent background, correct?


That’s correct, the export function produces a composite of the overall appearance of the board, much like taking a screenshot would (in fact I think the tech behind it is very similar to that).

PDF export will use transparency, though not on any images within the board, only the drawn elements will be fully transparent (so text would be just text).

Ok! I got it! I’m happy with Scrivener and I will buy scapple even in this case. If the export works like Pencil (evolus), will be really awesome.

Best regards!