Will trial version open old Scrivener project from 2020?

I am using the trial version of Scrivener 3 to resume work on a novel. The project I am working on is in 2020 Scrivener format. I try open the existing project to convert it to the new version and nothing happens. Is this due to me using a trial version? If so, that is ok since I am buying the software in a couple of weeks.

Thank you!

Hi @Kat.Starling , welcome to the Scrivener community!

The trial version is the same as the full version, just with a time limit, so you should be able to open and convert your Scrivener 1 file with Scrivener 3. If the conversion process isn’t working for you, email support and attach your ZIP file of the project and we can convert it for you.

absolutely but will update to new format. Would copy file before open it as a precaution. I did it when updated with no problems, just set a new location for all your updated projects to avoid confusion.

Welcome, Kat.Starling. You might also want to work with the Upgrade Guide for Scrivener 1 users, which is a Scrivener 1 project that we expect users will open in Scrivener 3. It will demonstrate the process and give you some hands-on practice before you upgrade your existing work.

Apparently, there are numerous errors with the old file - I am unable to email it too! I will just start over. Thanks to all who replied and offered help.

You could try copy and paste from old project and copy into a new version in scrivener 3 and might be able to recover some of the old project.

You should be able to email just about anything.

Just be aware that in order to email a project (or any other folder) you need to create a ZIP archive containing the whole folder and all of its subdocuments.

That is good to know, but I cannot open the original file even from the older version of Scrivener.

I tried zipping up the file but was encountered with an error that the file is online-only. I am trying to find where the file is actually being stored.

Luckily I took a screenshot of all that was in my project, so just retyping it all now. Still, dunno why I took screenshots!

Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

If the file is online only, that would explain why your copy of Scrivener can’t read it. Tell One Drive (or whatever service you’re using) to download it, and there’s a good chance the problem will go away.

(And it would be an extremely good idea to figure out what’s going on whether you ultimately end up recreating the project or not. Confusion about what cloud services are actually doing with your files is a major contributor to “lost” work issues.)

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