Will we still be able to... (Scrivener 3.0)

Hi there,

I’ve seen the screenshots for Scrivener 3.0, and I have a question of concern. Will we still be able to, say, set a background color for the Binder? Will we still be able to set a background image in the editor? Will we still be able to set a “paper texture” for the text? What about a background image for page view? Are these things being retained in 3.0? I only ask because it looks like the interface is getting a major facelift, and these are some of my favorite features.

Andy H.

All of that remains, don’t worry. The default colours have all changed, it’s got a new set of icons, and the UI has been tweaked and lined up better, given a bit more breathing room, but you can still change all the same colours and settings as before.

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Thanks! That’s great news! My next inevitable question is, how do we sign up to be beta testers for version 3, and what’s the general timetable for eventual release?

Bah, that question shouldn’t have been inevitable as it’s been asked and answered lots. Just wait for the announcement. :smiley:

Great thread topic though!