Win 10 Anniversary Update bug

So this bug showed up after the Anniversary Update installed. Scrivener is the only program it shows up in.

The right-click popup box shows only an outline until I physically press the Print Screen button.
Every menu dropdown box shows only an outline until I physically press the Print Screen button.
When I add a scene, folder, anything to my novel WIP nothing will show until I physically press the Print Screen button.
When I type outside the full screen editor in a scene (in the default white box) nothing will show until I physically press the Print Screen button. However I have zero issues typing in the full screen editor (only typing, popup boxes still won’t show).

I can’t take a screen shot of it, because when I click on Print Screen and it saves a screen shot, it saves like I didn’t have an issue.

I’m running the latest Windows 10 update build, not part of the Insider Program, using an ASUS TP500L. Scrivener is

I should also add, these issues don’t arise until roughly 5 minutes after I load Scrivener. For at least 5 minutes after loading the program everything is fine before going downhill. These bugs didn’t show up until after I installed the Anniversary Update.

I have the Anniversary update and have not encountered this problem. Have you tried re-installing Scrivener?

After seeing this thread, I downloaded and installed the Microsoft Win 10 anniversary update last night on my Windows 10 Pro 64 bit system. Wow! Big. Lost track of how many progress percentage counts and restarts it went through.

Anyway, I ran Scrivener a few times afterwards for 10 to 15 minutes each, without experiencing the problem. I’ll post back here if I do.

Have you tried the Windows compatibility feature? … y-settings

Beyond that, perhaps assure have the latest display drivers (perhaps via the Asus support site)?

Hope that is of some assistance. Good luck.

Hmmm. After being on for at least an hour, got some strangeness, not unique to Scrivener, in which single clicking on menu bar items got no response. Double clicking the items got response expected for single clicking. Same experience in Word, Excel, Notepad. And clicking on taskbar items got no or very delayed responses. Also got a very brief flash of error message when told Windows to restart. Will investigate on my machine and research on the Internet.

In the past, I’ve experienced Microsoft updates resetting USB ports to go to sleep after brief periods of not being used, which played heck with use of my Microsoft Sculpt wireless keyboard (routinely resulting in first key struck after idle period being lost). Think I was seeing this again, just now, so revisited USB settings and again disabled Windows being able to power them off. Don’t know that that is related to the above. Gotta love updates…

P.S. Quick followup… Looks like Microsoft is doing a staggered push of the anniversary update, so everyone isn’t getting hit with it at the same time. My sense is that unless one is an adventurous risk taking early adopter, I wouldn’t rush the process. Unfortunately, not sure that we (non-enterprise users) have the option of refusing the update when Microsoft decides it is time. The following is an example that makes me uneasy… … ns-webcams

P.P.S. Will post here, to avoid bumping the thread. No repeat of the above mouse click problem. Go figure.