[WIN-3.0.1] Adding notes disrupt the workflow

In composition mode, if I want to attach a note to a piece of text, I can highlight it with the keyboard, hit the “Add Comment” shortcut (SHIFT+F4 for me), but the newly added comment is not correctly focused, preventing me from typing the note directly without having to click it first.

It would be nice to be able to add a comment and get back to the document without having to touch the mouse.


I can confirm this seems wonky.

What I’m seeing is that first SHIFT+F4 places the cursor correctly in the comment, and I can type the comment text without having to fiddle with the mouse. Pressing ESC puts the cursor back into the Comp Mode editor, and I can continue typing the editor text without resorting to the mouse.

(This is also how it works when using the Main Editor and SHIFT+F4 to enter Comments.)

Unfortunately, for any additional comments in Comp Mode, SHIFT+F4 pulls the cursor focus from the Comp Mode editor but doesn’t place it in the Comment. None of the usual navigation shortcuts work to place the cursor in either the Comment or the Editor, so I must resort to the mouse.

(The Main Editor does NOT have this issue. I can move back and forth freely from the Main Editor and new Comments by using SHIFT+F4 and ESC.)

I agree, this seems to be a bug. I was unable to find a workaround that didn’t involve the mouse. :pouting_cat:


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Thanks for putting this issue into better words. I was on a hurry and rushed the post. My bad.