[WIN-3.0.1] Usability: UI text color is not "contrast-sensitive" to the background color

Some text of UI elements is hard to read depending on the background color.

  1. Label text is unreadable when using bright colors.
    This is not a bug, but an enhancement request. It’s really cool to be able to choose any color we like for Labels, but the text should behave accordingly to the hue/brightness value of the choosen color.
    Being able to pick “Yellow” is not much use, if I cannot read the text.
    Yeah, I can recognize my label from the color, but still… would be a neat enhancement if Scrivener apply a “contrast” algorithm, switching from white to black text when the background color is too bright.

  2. Comments text in “Inspector window” are hard to read when using dark themes.
    I think this should be filed as a bug. Applying a dark theme (like Solarized Dark, my favorite) forces the default text color of comments to White, making it almost unreadable with any of the default background colors.
    :point_up: default colors are really bright
    :point_up: example of nearly unreadable comments
    I know there are two workarounds to avoid this situation.
    :bulb: Change the comment color to a darker one.
    :bulb: Change the text color to black by formatting options. Please notice the still hard to read UI caption Commento (aka Comment, in english)
    However, the first option force me to have large blocks of colored boxes on screen (it’s silly, I know, but it can be quite distracting). I would like to be able to use the default palette provided by Scrivener. The latter option must be applied to EACH note. (Leaving copy&paste pain of formatted text aside)
    Wouldn’t it better if the default color of the comment follow the same suggestion I mentioned before (dynamic contrasting)?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.