Win a copy of David Hewson's 'Writing: A User Manual'

Hello all,

David Hewson, best-selling author of the Nic Costa series of crime novels, adapter of The Killing into novel form, and author of the Writing a Novel with Scrivener ebook, has just published a book on how he goes about the business of writing his bestselling novels, entitled Writing: A User Manual. He has very kindly donated four copies for us to give away. We’ll also throw in a copy of Scrivener, running on the platform of your choice (Mac or Windows) - if you already own Scrivener, you can give the free copy away as a gift to someone else, or use it to get Scrivener on the other platform.

For full details of how to enter the competition, please see this page: … oncomp.php

The competition will end in one week, on the 15th March. (Please only send us one email - we’ve had some multiple entries, but we’re going to be ruthless and completely omit the emails of those who flood us with emails in an attempt to cheat. :slight_smile: )

Good luck!

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Did I win?


We’ll announce the winners later today - sorry for the delay! :slight_smile:

ooh heres hoping I win the printed edited!! getting bored of waiting for the publisher to put it out on Kindle… every time I ask… they say it will be on Amazon within 48 hours… that was about 7 days ago!!

Crazy as I guess it was originally written in Scrivener ? :wink:

Okay! I’ve just sent out emails to the winners (thank you to Ioa for sorting out the random out-of-a-hat-picker code). I’ll put up the names or aliases of the winners here once they have got back to me.

naquada - I’m afraid you weren’t lucky this time. (And yes, he did write it in Scrivener, but the publishers have their own way of producing ebooks rather than using Scrivener.)

pigfender - People are going to think this was rigged, but amazingly, your name came up. I didn’t recognise the other three names, but somehow you have won a copy. Congratulations! Now I need to assure everyone that this really was random, because it looks a bit dodgy that a forum regular won a copy. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Kevin wrote:
''pigfender - People are going to think this was rigged,…"

Not at all Kevin…not at all. It only goes to prove just how genuinely egalitarian The Scrivener Universe is. When the lowest of the lowest of the lowest of the low, can triumph over the Highest&Mightiest of the Noblest and most Honourable Elitist Scivenerati…then it can’t be all bad…can it?
Are y’ gonna run a raffle for The Dummies Guide to Scriv? :frowning:
Take care Kevin

Yeah… just ironic isnt it :wink:

on not winning… It’s ok :slight_smile: better luck next time… as they say :wink:

Congrats Pigfender :slight_smile:

just out of interest what -was- the correct answer… i did have a guess… not sure if i actually got it right… :wink: enquiring (slightly broken) minds want to know :slight_smile:

dont fancy raffling off a macbook air 11inch do you? :wink:

naquada wrote:
“just out of interest what -was- the correct answer… i did have a guess… not sure if i actually got it right… ;)” the correct answer was: Florence Nightingale.
Glad to be of assistance:-)

no wonder you didnt win… :wink:

And to think it nearly didn’t happen…

KB: I don’t believe it!
MrsKB: What?
KB: That pigfender guy won.
MrsKB: Who?
KB: He’s a forum regular. People will think it’s rigged.

KB: I’ll just re-roll it.
MrsKB: Wait a moment… Is he a nice guy?
KB: No. Pain in the elbow.
MrsKB: Then don’t worry. It’s not like one of the popular ones got it. <touches KB’s arm> The people will know.

VIC-K WROTE: “When the lowest of the lowest of the lowest of the low”
Thanks Vic. I love you too, big guy.

Congratulations on your good fortune, Herr Schweinkotflügel.
However,you shouldn’t have said that, Herr S. Metaphorically speaking, he takes things literally.
Take care

Okay, and the winners are:

Pigfender here on the forums (but you knew that already)
Chad Muszynski
Vicki Kondelik
David Smith

Congratulations to all of them! We’ll be sending out the books this week and the coupon codes later today.

All the best,

Dear Ms Vicki, Mr Chad, Mr David, Herr S,
Congratulation on your win.:slight_smile: I expect you will already have familiarised yourselves with the conditions and responsibilities accompanying your good fortune, i.e., one of you must at all times be in attendance at the: viewforum.php?f=25 forum with Mr David’s manual in hand to act a a conduit for the wisdom contained therein, twixt the Master and those of his impoverished acolytes, unable to afford their own copy.
Welcome aboard, shipmates…you too Mr Pig.
Keep foremost in your thoughts, these words: Semper fidelis ad meum.

Take care

It’s probably US only, ends today, and will probably get you even more pesky Amazon emails, but today you can pick up a $10 Amazon gift card for $5: … -off-today

That’ll cover half the cost of the print version of the book.