Win-Alt-S styles pane doesn't show shortcuts

At Paragraph->Format->Styles, I see the full pane:

[attachment=0]style shortcuts.png[/attachment]

Win-Alt-S shows an incomplete (and much uglier) pane:


I believe it was an aesthetic choice not to clutter up the Styles Panel with the shortcuts, but there are also technical difficulties involved with including the shortcuts in that pane. In my opinion it wouldn’t really make sense either, since keyboard shortcuts are generally only listed in the main (and sometimes contextual) menus, and not within the actual module where the feature is located.

I could not disagree more. When adding or redefining a style, we need to know what shortcuts are already used when selecting a shortcut for the style.

I see nothing aesthetically unpleasing here, either:

[attachment=0]styles pane.png[/attachment]

You can see this information in the dialogue box for creating/redefining a style. In the shortcut dropdown menu, it will tell you what’s already in use. When you click on one, the next dialogue will let you know the name of the style that is already using that shortcut.

I suppose that’s true, but I don’t like it. Knowing what’s in use and what is using what are two different things. I want to group shortcuts in a way that makes sense.

You can always post your request in the Wish List forum. The devs might take it into consideration for a future update.

Scrivener already has that feature. WINDOWS Scrivener does not.

I don’t know about Windows, but the Mac Styles Panel only shows the shortcut keys from the set that are defined by the App with Opt-Cmd 1– 9. I have mine defined otherwise, so Chinese character style is Ctrl-H, Block Quote is Ctrl-Q and similar more memorable combinations … they don’t show up on the Styles Panel.



No surprise there.