[WIN] Compile issue with text and pictures

For Windows Scrivener

I am generating a pdf document to print using “compile”

When looking at the resulting pdf

= text appears over top of the pictures

= pictures are sometimes split over 2 pages

I’ve tried looking for word wrap around picture options and picture controls. I can’t see a way to fix it so that…
= text and pictures are separated
= I can keep the picture to one page

One of the problems with Scrivener, which isn’t changed in version 3 either, (unless I’m wrong - Hope Hope), is that there is no ability to wrap around images. What I do is simply put the picture on one line and the text clearly on another line. At that point it is fine.

When I need the picture to be wrapped by text, usually picture on left, text on right, I use something else to create it.
I would think with a pdf as opposed to epub, or html, or kindle, you could create a 2 column 1 row table with the picture, carefully sized properly for 8.5x11 paper, in one column and the text in the other. Assuming the pdf this should work as it expects standard sized paper.

You could also prevent the image breaking up, by inserting page breaks to prevent it using the print preview function.