Win & Mac - questions of a Mac-Wannabe

Hi there,
I am a longtime Win user (Scrivener and Scapple). Now I am thinking about replacing my old Lenovo Laptop by a brandnew Macbook Air.
Are there any known problems or issues syncing Scrivener projects between Mac and Win (v3)?
This is really the game changer for me to give the Mac a try. Otherwise I will go with an new Lenovo or Acer, which I know will work fine.
Will Scapple files work on both machines as well?

Thank you!

We have a list of the major points of friction you may find when switching platforms, on our knowledge base. Most of it is what you would expect—font assignments can get lost given how different platforms refer to fonts differently, web archive file formats are in compatible, etc.

The Scapple question was asked recently here and here.

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Thanks, AmberV!
I only searched in the Forums and forgot about the knowledge base - shame on me! :see_no_evil:

I switched from Win to Mac eight years ago, after having used Windows since version 1 and MS-DOS before that, never looked back. Everything is easier on the Mac. And using Mac, iPhone and iPad together is fantastic.


More to the point here, is that on the Mac version, you have searching etc. across document boundaries in a Scrivenings session, which the devs are still struggling to replicate in the Windows version.

And the M1 Macs are a real joy to use.



And the support is better.

I’ve just retired from Apple, and one of my roles was as a manager in AppleCare. When you listen to a call with the advisor saying ‘Sorry, this is Apple. We support Apple products, Apple apps on Windows and basic Apple/Win connectivity. Microsoft/manufacturer x will be able to assist you’ and the customer response is, ‘I know that, but Microsoft/manufacturer x support sucks and you have been so helpful with my iPhone/iPad/iPod…, I hoped you might know the answer,’ you know you’re on a winner.

Even better when the advisor, going out of Scope Of Support fixes the issue and gets a glowing review.

I kid you not. Dozens of calls I reviewed during my time in that particular role (and coached advisors tongue in cheek on not supposed to go beyond SOP).

I could write several books on it, but NDA and all that shit.

Am I biased? ’kn oath, but at least based on fact.

I currently have a Windows workstation (recently converted from Linux because I needed to write some windows specific software for a client) that I use Scrivener on. I sync back and forth between that machine and my M1 macbook without issue. Of course, I don’t have a lot in my projects besides text and some web links (no images/videos/etc…) but so far so good. I have been syncing between my intel macbook pro and the aforementioned workstation running the V3 version of Scrivener via wine for quite some time and haven’t had problems.

Maybe not helpful but hey at least you know others are doing it successfully :slight_smile: