Win/Mac shared projects lose some attributes

I’ve been noticing a couple of settings being lost when I sync my project (using drop box) between my Mac and my windows XP machine. Nothing happens if I just close it on the Mac, and then re-open when the changes are finished syncing, so I think opening the project on the Windows version is the cause.

The two issues:
Project Targets set using the Deadline Mac feature. When I open on WinScriv, it seems to know the calculated session target was when I was on the mac. But when I get back to my Mac, the “Allow writing on day of deadline” checkbox has been deselected, altering my target unexpectedly.

Somewhat more annoying is when I go to create a new character document in my Characters folder. I have taken advantage of the new feature that allows me to set the Default New Subdocument Type, but when I open the project on Winscriv and then come back to Macscriv, the setting has been wiped out.

I’m assuming that at some point these features will be added to the Windows version, but in the mean-time, it’d be nice if opening a project didn’t wipe out my settings.


I got this solved,…

Hi, I’m really glad you’ve solved your problem. :slight_smile:

However can I suggest that for the benefit of others who work across platforms and may encounter the same issue, that you tell us (a) which version of Windows you are using and which version of Mac, and more importantly (b) how you solved the problem?