Win/Mac Versions

I am interested in purchasing Scrivener for windows but I see that the current version is 1.9 and the Mac version is 2.7. I know that the windows version doesn’t have all of the features that the mac one does yet. Is the Win 1.9 the same as Mac 1.9 or is it more up to date?

There wasn’t a Mac 1.9 and Windows 1.9 has many features which only came with Mac 2.

Mr X

Yes, I suppose in that sense, if you interpolate between Mac 1.5.4 (the last 1.x version) and 2.7, Windows would be somewhere around a speculative Mac 1.9. :slight_smile: It doesn’t quite have everything 2.0 did when it was released, but benefits from quite a bit more than 1.5 left off at.

Thank you for the replies. I’ve tried the demo and have liked it so far. I don’t like that the windows development is behind the mac version but at the current sale price it still seems worth getting. Hopefully if enough people buy the windows version more resources can be used for improving it.

Thanks for the well-wishes. This is a small independent outfit by the way, only three developers total at the moment, and two of those are working on Windows. It was also originally a Mac-only company, and had been for several years before branching out. We didn’t want to let that get in the way of giving writers on Windows a way of using Scrivener though, if you don’t like to use software that is still “catching up” you could wait a while longer, but the Windows version already does 190% of what we meant it to, and what the original design was intended to cover, before moving on to a paid update (which we’re already very busy on!).

I’ve already purchased Scrivener for windows because even if it is not quite where the mac version is it seems to be a great program. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for your support!