Win-Version 022 seems to be very instable

Hi, I’m new to Scrivener and this forum and started writing just a few weeks ago. I’m living in Cologne / Germany.

By recommendation of a (Mac-) friend I tested Scrivener Beta und descided that this will be my platform for writing. It’s just great software and I cannot wait to get the final version.

Anyway, in comparision to the 100% stable Beta versions before, the current release 022 crashes on different occasions when working with it (I use XP). This happens about every 10 minutes and I can’t determine any trigger for it, it just happens.

Normaly, I would now uninstall and continue with the old version, but we all know it has a time stamp and won’t work anymore. So I hope I don’t have to wait until May to get the next stable version. :confused:

Keep on your good work guys!

Gosh, I just lost the work of the last two hours. I saved a lot and even took a snapshot. Suddenly I saw that all the changes I made to the Scenes at the Corkboard were gone ( I have added time and location). When I wanted to restore it I realized that it did not save. Even the snapshot was not taken.

I think it’s not a good idea to (have to) work with Beta 022… :cry:

Samz, visit viewtopic.php?f=32&t=12755&start=0, maybe you could help yourself (or ourselves) to find a way out to the problem…