Win3 - Display Scrivenings with Indents?

I make extensive use of hierarchical structure in the Binder, and then do extensive editing in the Scrivenings view. It would be very helpful if the Scrivenings view displayed a small indent corresponding to a block’s level of indent in the Binder.

Is there any way to accomplish this in ScrivWin3?

Thanks in advance.

There isn’t a setting for that, and such would make a bit of a mess of the ruler feature, where you can set actual paragraph indents and tab stops, which is already a bit finicky.

What I would recommend is going into the Appearance: Scrivenings: Fonts settings tab, and experiment with the Reduce font size per level by… setting. The default is fairly subtle, particularly if you do not outline to a great level of depth. You may find a more dramatic setting works as a better gauge for what “level” you’re on.

That’s a terrific and convenient solution. Thanks!