Win3 view of Dropbox different to MacOS, cannot open/find same version of project

Hi guys, once I started using the official released version of Win3 (currently just the trial), I find that the Project version it has opened is the last version I had edited when using Win 29920 Beta, and not the current version I have been working on over the last month using MacOS. I point Win3 to the same Dropbox location, but cannot even find the project version I have been working on using MacOS.

To clarify:

  • I did not have this problem with earlier beta versions of Win3 (latest one being 29920)
  • Win3 and (for some strange reason) iOS point to the same old version of the project
  • MacOS is using the current, and correct, version of the project
  • I use Dropbox for all my Scrivener projects. Dropbox directory structure is different when displayed via my PC and iPad (and also when viewed directly online), vs. that which I see via my MacBook; i.e. different projects/folders are displayed, even though I am navigating to the exact same Dropbox project location.
    ----- Windows shows 15 items in total: 14 ‘file folders’ (recognising each of my 10 .scriv projects as a folder), and one backup zip; whereas
    ----- MacBook shows 18 items in total: 4 folders, 11 scrivener projects, 1 scrivener XML document (??), and two zip-files for backups.
    ----- Note the different number of projects and backups between the two, even though viewing the same location.
    -----Different behaviour noted: When using MacBook from this location, clicking on the .scriv opens the project directly in Scrivener; whereas when using Windows, clicking on the .scriv ‘folder’ then branches to display 5 additional folders and a .scrivx file (note this is .scrivX, not simply .scriv). Clicking on the .scrivx file opens it in Scrivener, but this is not the same version that is opened on the MacBook. ← Note that this same behaviour occurs when opening the project using iOS, and also when navigating to Dropbox via the internet, and also when opening projects directly from the Scrivener software.
  • As it stands, I cannot use Win3 or iOS any more, to work on the current version of my project. The current version simply cannot be found. I am completely unable to switch between the different devices.
  • Thankfully (and completely unitentionally) I backup Win3 project to laptop, whereas my MacBook and iOS backup to Dropbox. When trying to troubleshoot using iOS, I ended up over-writing my backups and nearly pissed my pants when I realised iOS was also screwed and I was a bees-fart away from losing an entire months worth of work.

I am happy to provide screenshots, etc, of the differences however I cannot seem to attach them to this post in a way that makes sense. Please advise.

Kind regards,

Please ensure that the Dropbox software is installed, running, and logged into your Dropbox account on both the Windows and Mac systems. Consult Dropbox support if you don’t know how to do this.

Then, create an ordinary text file on either device. Ensure that it successfully synchronizes to the other device. If it doesn’t, you have a Dropbox issue and should consult Dropbox support.

If that works, create a brand new Scrivener project in the Dropbox folder on either device. Add a few documents with a few lines of text, close the project, and allow Dropbox to sync on both devices.

If you can open the project on the other device, add a few more documents, close it again, and allow to synchronize again. If you can’t, visit your account at, browse to the appropriate folder, and see if you can find the project there.

Finally, re-open the project on the original device, and make sure all changes have appeared. If they have, then Dropbox is working correctly in both directions.

A troubleshooting guide for iOS synchronization can be found here: … os-syncing


Thank you. It was a problem with my MacBook, downloading and reinstalling Dropbox resynced everything. Note that this resulted in conflicts galore, and the end result was I did lose my current version, Fortunately I had prepared for this (!!!) by saving the project elsewhere under a different name and was able to manually restore from this.

Thank you for your help!