window auto-resize

Is it possible to have Scr. auto-resize according to size of monitor? It can be a bit of a pain to even get to the maximize/resize button on the window when I switch to my laptop monitor as my primary. MacJournal auto-resizes, but no other program I use does, so perhaps there’s a difference with MJ.



Resize it before you move it? :slight_smile:

Sorry, that was unclear of me. I’m talking about when I remove my external monitor and take my laptop on the road. My laptop monitor is considerably smaller and when I open Scr. I have to grab the window and move it to get to the max button. And resizing before I go doesn’t work, since usually my computer is shut down when I decide to dash off to the local cafe to work. :slight_smile:

NOT a huge deal. Just a convenience and something MJ spoiled me with. When I open MJ on my laptop monitor, it changes automatically to adjust. But neither DT nor Mori auto resize either, which is equally annoying. And certainly something I can live with!!


You might want to download Forget me not. It’s a little app that does all that resizing for you.

I’ll take a look at it. Thanks!