Window Colours Adjust

Hi there!

I’m currently configuring Scrivener’s appearance in Windows, though it might be the same on OSX (which I will also use in the future). I am working at making Scrivener darker for my tired eyes in the evening.

It seems I can customise most panels, but the main header and a couple of other small sections don’t seem to be modifiable. I was wondering whether it would be possible for these to have colour variables as well? I’d love to be able to create a nice, calm, dark theme for Scrivener. While being able to reduce the brightness of the larger blocks is really great, it has the side effect of highlighting the remaining bright parts. There also doesn’t seem to be a way to change text colour in the binder, and a few other places, unless I’m missing it.

Also, are appearance presets shareable between Windows and OSX?

Thanks for the software! And for any help you can offer!

Much of the interface in Scrivener is standard macOS or Qt (for Windows) buttons, sliders, lists and so forth. How these things can be customised is up to how the system works. We’d have to rewrite what buttons and scrollbars look like to change that. :slight_smile:

Since it is not the trend for operating systems to allow for heavily customisable user interfaces these days, you might be better off using something that modifies how your display works. At the very least the invert colour accessibility option on the Mac (I prefer setting it to monochrome as well so it’s purely black with a little white), but something like Flux might be helpful as well, which in combination with that can make the white parts a more comfortable amber colour.

A very quick note, which may (or not) apply, due my being a Win user. As I understand it, there has been for a long time an app (third-party?) for Macs that can adjust the ‘temperature’ of displays as evening drew near;
And that ‘not too long ago’, though probably at least a couple of years now, the app became available for Win as well. (I never got around to trying it out.)

However, the next major update of Win10 (‘Creator Update’)–due ‘now’, this spring–is said to have the reddening-evening ability baked in (incidentally making the long-time app superfluous).

Not using my PC in the evening or mid-night currently largely because of the ‘blueness’ of the display, I look forward with hope to this particular Creator update.


That app in question is Flux, or f.lux as mentioned by Ioa. It works brilliantly on the Mac as far as I’m concerned, but I don’t know about Windows.


f.lux works wonderfully in Windows, and unless the native Windows capability has things like darkroom mode, I probably will continue to use f.lux for as long as they develop it for Windows.