Window height


I love this software together with dropbox, having a little computer in bed and the main computer at the office.
Having a little computer is great for writing whereever, BUT…
Some windows of Scrivener is heigher than 600pixels. Most small notebooks have an height of 600 or a little over 700. There isnt many of these windows, most of scrivener is modulebased and can be resized.

Will it be possible in the future to have all the windows resize-able, so the little notebooks can play too? :mrgreen:

That we cannot get some of these windows minimum sizes down to <700 pixels is why we have stated a recommended screen size of 1024x768 on the web site. If they could be shrunk further they would be. To my knowledge much work has been done to make less than 768 usable, even though we do not recommend it since there are some rough areas. The initial post-installation readme window aside, what area are you running into trouble with?

A tip: turn on Task Bar auto-hide. This frees up a valuable twenty or so pixels and is often enough to reveal “Cancel” and “Okay” buttons that would otherwise be hidden.