Window oddity in 10.6.3

Installed the latest OSX update last night and noticed something a little bid odd about non-modal windows attached to applications. They now disappear when the app loses focus, then reappear when the app is brought back to the front.

This definitely isn’t a Scrivener thing because Word does it, and so does Rapid Weaver. It is incredibly irritating. I wonder if this is something Apple has decided is a good idea, or it’s just a bug in the latest update. I hope it’s a bug.

This has always been the behaviour for panels - panels on OS X look the same as Windows (although sometimes they have a narrower title bar, if they are set to be “utility” panels), but they hide when the application doesn’t have the focus. I haven’t got around to updating to 10.6.3 yet (it’s on my list for later today) - which windows are disappearing that didn’t before?

I guess you mean things like the Colors or Fonts windows? They disappear when changing an application, yes. Those windows also fade out when using Exposee. But I think this behaviour was already there in earlier versions (upgraded to 10.6.3 already, so I can’t check).

This behaviour was common already under Tiger, as I remember, as is still under Leopard (where I am and stay).

That is really weird! I’ve only just noticed it!
Odd thing is that I used CuteClips to copy and paste stuff to one of these windows in RapidWeaver, and I can’t do that anymore.
Mmm. Something’s changed, but now I’m not sure what it is.

Well, I’m not so sure now. I take it the Show Project Targets has always disappeared then?

When you go to another application, yes - the Show Project Targets window is a utility panel, and they only show up when the app has the focus.