Window setting persistence

I know a lot of attention is being paid to full screen mode for Scrivener, and there are many changes coming - changes that look as if they’ll be a big improvement. That being said, as I’m using Scrivener Gold, I find I’m often working in Binder view, especially when I have research and character notes that I’m checking frequently. I notice that, in this mode, window settings are not persistent. When I reopen a saved project, I always have to readjust the width of the panes back to what I was using (I tend to keep the binder/outline pane and the index card/notes pane as narrow as possible, with the document occupying about 2/3 of the width of the window). Is saving the window state possible?

Hi. I’ve had a chance at a little sneak peek at the new Scrivener, and this was something I noticed right off. The new Scr. definitely does save the window state. But SG does not, as far as I know. I too always have to readjust the pane sizes (the same way you do). It’s a bit of an annoyance, but knowing this will change helps!

Full screen looks awesome, btw. And the interface is slimmed down and very user-friendly. I’m quite enthused about Scr. and where it’s going, even moreso after my ‘sneak peek.’


PS you’ve probably noticed SG ‘does’ remember window size when opening a doc as a separate window.

Window state persistence was something that was discussed on the old board, and it was marked as a 1.0 feature from an early stage.

Goodness. Another Portlander. There IS a strong writing presence in this area, and I guess that is represented on this forum? Very interesting. Neat too!

[alex] Well, I found Scrivener when Keith posted on the NaNoWriMo forums before last year’s caffeine-fuelled frenzy of wordly rantings, that being the second year I had done NaNo…

Wow. You are a brave soul to have participated in NaNoWriMo. I’m in the midst of a huge non-fiction project—my dissertation—though I have two novel ideas I’d love to work on! Never really thought I could write one in one month, though! That must quite an experience! I would think a really good one, though I’d also guess a bit intense!

I found Scr. via the DevonThink forum where someone posted about the program. A whole group of us (all writers of different sorts) jumped on it and ended up trying out Scr. It is just what I’ve looking for.


Whereabouts in Portland are you?