I am not sure if this is a bug or simply something that is specific to my computer.

Whenever a new project file is launched, the vertical length of the default size of the window is longer than the vertical length of my monitor. It’s not a big deal, but it does mean that I have to manually resize it every time that I launch a new project.

For the record, I use Windows Vista on an HP laptop.

I’m having this problem too. Also using Vista…

I have a similar problem. I’m using the beta in Windows 7. It’s fine when the window is maximised, but when I restore down, I can’t resize the height of the window, so the bottom bar of Scrivener is hidden by the windows taskbar.


Do you have the Inspector pane open at all? It’s been determined that there’s a minimum height for the inspector somewhere in the 700px range so that might be the issue.

That is correct, the minimum screen height is set to 700pixels.

Can you provide your screen resolutions for me please?

Would setting at 650pixels help?


Hi Lee - the only time I have noticed this issue is on my netbook.


Fixed by double clicking on the top bar (or the maximize button) and setting it to full screen.

My resolution is set to 1280 x 800 pixels.

Gateway netbook running Win7. Screen resolution: 1024x600

I just want it to default open the way I left it, aka, maximized. Every time I close Scrivener and then open it again, it comes back the default height, and it takes me a few seconds to notice it, and then I have to go find the maximize button.
Whereas, when I close Firefox and open it again, it comes back maximized, because that’s how I left it. Is this possible?

HP G60 notebook running 64bit Windows 7. Monitor is 1366x768

I just wanted to mention that my scrivener does the same thing, it defaults to the full length of the screen when the inspector is turned on, and I should have a little space to work with if it’s supposed to be 700… I’m not that fussed, though, I just moved the taskbar to the right side of the screen because the word count feature is quite important to me, Nano(enough said). 650 would definitely help with programme friendliness.

Same issue - Windows XP, Screen Resolution 1280x800.

I don’t think the issue is a resolution issue - I think it is that Scrivener is not saving the “window state” (i.e. maximized or normalized) when the user exits and is therefore not restoring the window state when you re-launch.

I agree, the problem is with the Inspector.
So, is there a way to rearrange the Inspector layout? Cause I cant maximize Scrivener when Inspector is on, on my netbook (1024 x 600).

Scrivener 1.4 beta here.

I’ve seen this bug too, but what I am seeing is a little different to what I am reading in this topic. So here’s a detailed report.

Running Windows 7 on a HP ProBook 4310s laptop with screen resolution at 1366 x 768. All Windows Aero enhancements on. This happened on 1.4 Beta and also on 1.5 Beta.

On launch, Scrivener has Inspector panel open and the window opens ‘restored’. The window opens from the top edge of the screen to the bottom edge, with the bottom rows of pixels displayed under the task bar instead of on top of the task bar. The bottom edge of the Scrivener window rests on the very bottom edge of the screen. This is therefore a Scrivener window that is 768 px high. Maximising the window makes the window bottom rest on top of the task bar as is expected. Dragging the window to the right and left edges of the desktop (aero Snap) resizes the Scrivener window, but hides the bottom edge under the task bar. Aero snap using the top of the desktop also hides the Scrivener window bottom edge under the task bar.

With Inspector turned off, the Scrivener window can be manually resized to rest above the task bar. Also Aero snap now works as expected (no hiding under the task bar).

Turning the Inspector back on makes the Scrivener window resize vertically so that the bottom edge is hidden behind the task bar again. The Scrivener window remains at the larger vertical height when the Inspector is turned off.

I am not convinced this bug is simply because of a minimum height of the Inspector as the Inspector displays fine when the Scrivener window is maximised and because I have enough vertical pixels to display 700 px of Scrivener window (assuming outer edge of the Scrivener window is the relevant dimension) without clashing with the task bar. Of course I may be missing some facts known to the developer (who does a great job and must be considered a legend, bug or no bug!).

hope this helps track this one down.