Window size management

I don’t know if this is an issue inherent in the OS, but…

I use Scrivener on my G5 (with a 23" screen) and a PowerBook G4 12". Needless to say, the screen sizes don’t match, and a window sized to fill the screen of the 23" Cinema Display is way too big when that doc is opened on the PowerBook (and when the same doc is transferred back to the G5 after being modified on the PowerBook, the window is too small).

Is it possible to have an option to “resize document window to fit screen on open”?

Please search the forums - this has come up before, and I have explained the reasons for this several times. :slight_smile:
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From what I’ve seen, my request is a tad different than what was addressed previously (sorry if I missed otherwise).

My wish is that this could be a toggled option: use a Prefs checkbox to ignore the saved window information and open to full screen.

Remember that you can just hit ctrl-cmd-= whenever you open the project upon another machine and it will zoom to fit the screen automatically for you.