Window Ten

Hey there. :slight_smile:

I’ve been getting e-mails from Microsoft about their free upgrade to Windows 10. Will Scrivener have any problems running on that platform? If so, I’ll just skip the upgrade. Scrivener is more important to me than the latest version of Windows. I’m sort of inclined to wait and see the reviews anyway, but yeah–I don’t want to lose my Scrivener or Scrapple functionality.



I’ve been running Windows Scrivener on the Windows 10 previews with no noticeable problems. Since I don’t work for the company, don’t take this as an official compatibility statement, but I would imagine that if there are any problems, they are more likely to come from third-party apps that bog the system down and steal resources from Scrivener rather than directly from Scrivener.

At the very least, do reserve your upgrade. You have a year to apply it for free.

Is there a compatibility mode similar to that offered in Windows 8? Seems like some bugs people when running Win8 can be solved by turning on compatibility mode.

Yes, the compatibility mode settings work exactly the same way. I had configured Windows 7 compatibility mode back when I was on 8.1, and then when I upgrade to 10, the setting came along.