Windowing issue in Help section

When I was looking for help info on Annotations, I noticed a small glitch. Nothing serious but I thought I’d report it.

When trying to weave its way down into the File->Export->Annotations menu entry to show me where to find it, the software places the “Annotations” sub menu on the left side of the File menu. Because there is barely any space, the text is cropped and virtually illegible.

Interestingly when actually accessing the menu entry directly - meaning not through the Help reference - it works fine and the sub menu appears on the right side of the menu where it is fully readable.

I am enclosing a screenshot to show what’s happening so that you can hopefully fix it when you have a spare minute… as if there were such a thing. :slight_smile:

That is an artifact of the OS X menu collision detection. The OS is protecting the help menu. With direct access there is no help menu to collide with, hence there is no problem.

Not much anyone can do to fix this.