Windows 1.0.3 version EXTREMELY slow on closing

I’m running it on an XP machine (SP3). The XP machine takes as much as three minutes to close a project. This is being saved to a hard drive that doesn’t seem to have a speed problem with other programs. Only Scrivener takes forever to close a file/project, even if the project is brand new, with barely more than the basics that Scrivener sets up.

Any idea what might be causing this issue?

Have you tried disabling the settings for creating an automatic backup on project close? That might be what’s taking so long, though normally it’s quick quick and you’d only notice the pause if you’re working with a large project file, so I’m not sure why you’d be seeing it here. You could also try setting it not to zip the backup and see if that makes a difference–it just calls on the system to do this (the same as if you were making a compressed copy of a file via Windows Explorer), but that might be running slow for whatever reason; you could try doing it on your own outside of Scrivener to see if you get the same hang.

Okay - I tried it with auto-backups disabled, and it closed immediately. (Put a nonsense word at the end of the chapter I was working on and saved, then closed.) When I reopened the file, I re-enabled auto-backup, but removed the ZIP option. Now it closes properly.

Mind you it works fine on the Win7 laptop I use to make the trip to and from work go faster, with the ZIP option enabled.

Either way, you solved my problem. We can mark this one [SOLVED]. Thank you.