Windows 1.2.1 Update Released 18th June 2012

Hi Windows Users,

We have just launched the update for Windows 1.2.1 and I wanted to let you know. If you are running Scrivener 1.0.3, you can update to the latest version by choosing ‘Check for Updates…’ from the Help menu, then simply follow the upgrade prompts.

Thank you for you patience. The official post is here to see the fixes and additions to Scrivener.


New manual for 1.2.1 Windows version says anything can now be printed using control p or file print, EVEN OUTLINE OR CORKBOARD displays. Still doesn’t work for me. If I open a corkbord or outline screen, it prints a blank document. Hopefully I’m doing something wrong.

Otherwise, this is a great update.

But… where can we find the release if we’re running on beta :slight_smile:

If you only have the beta version, I would propose:

  • Back up your project files
  • Uninstall the beta using the uninstaller provided at the time of installation
  • Visit … atform=win
  • Use the download link on that page to download and re-install the release version.

Thanks. But the “Windows” link doesn’t work on the L&L homepage.

When you say “back up your project files” that means make a copy of our projects somewhere else, just in case?
Thank you

Also, if you’ve done anything fancy with saving your compile settings you might want to back up those files too, but you’d know if you’ve done that.

Hmm… works for me.
Try this: … taller.exe

OK, sorry. I had to delete the history of my Internet navigator. I tried to download the file earlier, but I canceled the download because I was not sure it was the last release…

Sorry I haven’t been on for a while, I have been busy between life, work, writing. I was pleasantly surprised by the update notice when I started Scrivener this morning.

One small suggestion: It would make people breath easier if the update dialog box allowed the user to save and close any open projects before downloading and installing updates.

I am happy to say that I was able to download and start the install process, then close my project before the install started. I am also happy to report that my project opened intact when I launched Scrivener after the install.

Excellent work as always Lee!

Thanks, Lunarclipper

you can update to the latest version by choosing ‘Check for Updates…’ from the Help menu

Um … yeah … no.

I choose ‘Check for Updates…’ from the Help menu
Then … nothing.
I tried several times.
So I visited the Literature and Latte site, and I was underwhelmed by the information available about the new upgrade for Scrivener for Windows, which I had read about via your FaceBook feed.
So I tried downloading a new version.
No information was offered regarding the version of this Scrivener for Windows installer I was downloading.
Perhaps naively, I ran the newly downloaded installer.
What could go wrong? Right?
Again, there was no explicit notice which version of Scrivener for Windows I was installing.
At least you get points for consistency!
Finally, fingers-crossed, I started up Scrivener on my PC, and glory be!
Not only did Scrivener STILL start up correctly, but checking the About Scrivener from the Help window revealed I was indeed now running version - 18 Jun 2012!
My blind faith in normalized process was thusly rewarded.

You’ll need to download again, as the network connection for future updates was broken.

I downloaded the trial version from the site, and updated my - 18 Jun 2012.

The newest version as of this post is: - 22 Jun 2012
Help > Check for updates now seems to work.

The developers should update people on this.