Windows 1.2.5 Released 14th Aug 2012

Hi All,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Scrivener for Windows 1.2.5. Here are the details:

• Scrivener translated to Italian.
• Scrivener translated to Sci-Fi
• Bulgarian translation updates.
• Added Replacements panel in compile.
• Added FDX Export.
• Updates to Tutorial and Manual.

Addional <$> fields:
• <$compilegroup>
• <$projecttitle>
• <$shortdate>
• <$longdate>
• <$shorttime>
• <$Longtime>

Bug fixes
• A rather nasty bug to do with Aspell and foreign dictionaries caused a configuration error that prevented some users opening and creating Scrivener projects.
• Another very nasty bug came to light where side-by-side assemblies for the Microsoft 2008 C++ redistributable broke for certain users. Scrivener has been entirely updated and now compiled with the Microsoft 2010 C++ Redistributable to overcome this issue.
• Prefix and suffix not included in compile when ‘Title’ was unchecked in Compile Formatting pane.
• Compile using the <$n> auto-numbering code in a title prefix, the first instance comes out blank, then the second instance starts at 1 and increments after that. The same occurs with <$t> and <$r>.
• TAB key does not expand table when in last cell.
• Image Drag & Drop Replication.
• Delete Collection Icon should be disabled for Search tab.
• The Grab Screen dialog should automatically hide when a grab action is triggered.
• If the same document is open in both editor splits and text is selected in one and dragged to the other, if it is dropped in the same location where it came from (at the end of the selection), the text is entirely deleted. “Undo” will correct this but needs to be hit twice, as the first undo gives a duplicate copy of the dragged text.
• Using the export function with “Draft” folder selected results in an error i.e. Export failed, or Export with errors.
• Merging two files with snapshots only keeps final file snapshot.
• Keep Up to Date menu item broken.
• Binder editing font does not match display font.
• BBCode fixes to bullet lists and added support for quotes and code block inserts using > and {.
• Scratch Pad screen split icons were reversed for horizontal and vertical.
• Text missing from ODT paste.
• Synopsis deletion & crash on dragging text.
• Project Search always uses “Excluded”.
• Fail to open Scrivener projects with double click via Explorer when Scrivener closed.
• E-pub: Text justification CSS are overridden by wrapping style.
• MathType toolbar button needed in Customize Toolbars dialog.
• Over-aggressive substitions has been given a sedative.
• Splitting a document does not carry over meta-data.
• Em-dashes are converted to double-hyphens in MMD.
• RTF export via export or drag and drop from binder resulted in corrupt annotations and footnotes in text.

Work in Progress
I’m very excited to announce that we currently have volunteers translating Scrivener into:- German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, and Chinese. We are about to dive into another major development phase for Scrivener - all very exciting with lots of good things coming.

Download here



I confess to IMMENSE curiosity as to the meaning of

“• Scrivener translated to Sci-Fi”

Only 1 way to find out!

Hey there,

Just spotted one small thing in the Sci-Fi translation - in the Mission menu the “Project Targets” equivalent is listed as “Mission Objections” rather than Objectives. :wink:

Still, having a lot of fun with it :slight_smile: