Windows Update Released 5th Feb 2013

After many months of beta testing, we are very proud to announce that Scrivener for Windows version is now available as a free update. This update adds some great features that were previously only available in the Mac 2.0 upgrade. We hope you are as excited as we are with the new features and improvements all round.

Here is a list of new features:
- Scrivener is much faster and more robust

  • Additional supported languages now include:- Traditional Chinese, German, Italian, Turkish and Dutch
  • OPML Import
  • OPML export
  • Mind map import (Freemind .mm format)
  • Mind map export (Freemind .mm format)
  • CSV export
  • Import and Split functionality
  • Import Scrivener Project functionality
  • Image background (texture) in full screen
  • Comprehensive Print preview functionality
  • Print index cards
  • Print outliner
  • Inspector comments and footnotes
  • Revised annotation, footnote and comments options
  • Ability to set your own user interface font
  • Added multi-language smart quotes functionality including:- Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German and more.
  • Implemented Cancel within Compile dialog i.e. changes are no longer saved when Cancel is clicked
  • Project and Preset Replacements added to Compile dialog
  • Deleting Scrivener project files within the directory of an open Scrivener project is now prevented
  • Options->General - added checkbox to show full project path in title bar
  • Added “Take Snapshot” menu item in header bar i.e. right click document icon to see sub menu and added ability to sort snapshots
  • Improved debug and incorporated minidump crash reporting
  • Improved tables and font handling throughout
  • Improved eBook handling throughout including CSS support
  • Image import improvements - WMF still remains unsupported like Mac, but we will get it soon
  • Windows 8 compliant

Bug fixes
- Over a 100 smaller bug fixes

Important Notes
If you experience any issues with the new 1.5 release that prevent you from working as you have become accustomed then you can always uninstall 1.5.x and install the previous version ( You can find previous versions of Scrivener for Windows here: … -2-5-0.exe

Work in Progress
Our community of wonderful translators are now working on translations to: Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Hungarian, Swedish, Greek, Spanish, Danish, French, Norwegian, and Korean. We have also made very good progress with Scrivener for Android - phone and tablet, and are progressing well towards Scrivener 2.0.

Getting the Update
In Scrivener, from the Help Menu select ‘Check for Updates…’ and follow the prompts.

Lee & Tiho

5th Feb 2013