Windows 10 and Scrivener

My Win7 computer is failing and I may have to go to Win 10. Are there any specific issues or problems that Scrivener will face in win 10? Or will it make the transition smoothly, with all my data and settings?

I use both (7 & 10) on two separate machines. I never have experienced any problems.
I use 1,9,9 and the beta, simultaneously on both machines.


In general Windows 10 has a little fewer problems than previous windows versions. I haven’t experienced any problems with Scrivener (or any other program) related to Windows 10. So, no, Scrivener has no problems with Windows 10.

If you have good hardware, you won’t have any problems. Your hardware can create problems, but not Windows.

Overall, I’ve been pretty happy with Scrivener for Windows, both on my native Win 10 Lenovo desktop, and on my elderly Toshiba laptop upgraded to Win 10. I just hope the new V3 for Windows will work on my LT!

Thanks for those assurances. Has anyone actually moved a large project from Windows7 to Windows 10 and continued working on it?

This is a non-issue. The program doesn’t really care whether it is Windows 10 or Windows 7. Just like a pdf or Word document can be read in a pdf reader or MS Word, without being concerned about whether the underlying OS is 7 or 10, so Scrivener really doesn’t care.

Yes. I have upgraded from Windows 7 to 8 to 8.1 and finally to the various builds of 10, using Scrivener continuously all of the time, with no issues with my projects.

CAVEAT: You have to make sure your projects are set up properly and that you copy ALL of the data, relative to where it is, if you’re using features like linked files. The User directory layout changes between Windows 7 to Windows 10 and the fully qualified path names for files will change as well. Your linked files should be using relative links.

Thanks, Devon, for your caveat. Are you talking about links to files in the same project or links calling up an an external file? The only links in my main project are WITHIN the project. Am I correct in assuming that the issue you raise does not apply to them>

Yeah, I’m basically talking about external links that call to files outside of the project.