Windows 10 s

I am looking at buying a laptop which is running windows 10 S. This appears to be a cut down version that does not run some programs.
Does anyone know if I can run Scrivener on this version of windows?

Windows 10 S can only run programs from the Microsoft app store, if I recall correctly, so no.

My personal opinion is that I would not buy ANY machine that uses Win10 S. It is crippled software. Machines with Win 10 Home are competitively priced with 10 S machines and are readily available.

That being said, Microsoft itself, sells the lower end Surface devices (Surface Go, etc) with 10 S but allows the purchaser to upgrade to 10 Home easily and (so far) for free. If the machine in question doesn’t come with a firm upgrade policy for Win Home, I would not buy it.

If the upgrade process intimidates you a bit, it shouldn’t, it’s very easy. However, if you’re still intimidated, just about anyone 12 and up, and with a little common sense, could do it for you EDIT: Make that 14 and up, just to play it safe!

Thank you for the info. I believe it comes with a free upgrade. Looks like I will need to use it.

Window 8 RT, and later Windows 10 S, were interesting experiments in trying to dramatically reduce the OS and risk footprint needed for ultra-light devices. But apparently certain segments of the market don’t think a full PC and a tablet device should have different OS variants. I can’t count the number of articles and blog posts I’ve seen on this topic, written by people on their Macs and iPads and iPhones, happily using their unified Apple OS.

Well, as a pretty serious photographer, and someone who dislikes Apple, anything, I want a laptop that can run ACDSee products, Affinity Photo, as well as Scrivener for Windows, and interface very well with OneDrive. As long as I have those four items, I’m good with any non-Apple OS. Win 10 has totally eliminated any remaining interest I’ve had in Linux. (And I say that as a retired Certified Teradata DBA - Linux based)