Windows 10 scaling causes issues

Enjoying my trial of Scapple on Windows 10…noticed that after creating notes on a canvas on my desktop PC, where Windows 10 scaling is set to 100% (Settings > Display > Change the size of text, apps, and other items), the notes are misaligned (or the font is too large, hard to tell) when opening the file on my notebook, where scaling is set to 125%. It seems like Scapple is not DPI-aware?

Putting my notebook into 100% scaling (and then signing out and back in, or rebooting) fixes the canvas appearance. But then all my icons and much else are super tiny.

I’ve been having issues with this as well. My desktop computer has a regular 1920x1080 resolution screen and everything works fine. My Windows 10 laptop has a 4k resolution screen, and I am getting issues here.

When I made a file on my desktop, then opened it on my laptop, everything was scaled and sized weird. If I manually set the scaling mode for Scapple on my laptop that fixed the issues; however, I loose all the benefits of having a high resolution screen and everything looks jagged.

I had something like this problem happen too. It totally changed the size of everything, munged a bunch of the notes one of top of the other and generally mucked up the layout. Sadly, I tried fixing it a bit and then saved it. So now when I reopen it on the original low DPI display, its even more messed up. I think its fair to say that I can’t safely use Scapple any longer. :frowning: