Windows 10 support

Hi all,

Before I install on my Windows 10 machine I just wanted to check if there are any known issues with running Scrivener on Windows 10?


My sense from following the forums is, in general, no, no problems.

I’m running it on Windows 10. Haven’t encountered any issues.

That said, there’s always a few one-off outliers that get reported with any app… Think I recall a couple of reports of folks who ran into rights issues, as far as being able to run it once installed.

Do a search on these forums, via search field in upper right hand corner, on “Windows 10”, and you should be able to get a good sense.

Thanks for the reply. I did try a search first but the results were not exactly specific to Windows 10 but just Windows in general.

Hi all, I just purchased Scrivener on my new HP laptop but I don’t know how to find it. Help, anyone?

More on this: I can’t find it Folders or Downloads; there are no Scrivener icons in my tray or in my start menu. I also ran a search of Windows 10 and my hard drive–still can’t find Scrivener. Has it maybe not downloaded yet, or…? Any suggestions are much appreciated.


I would just download it again if you cannot find it with search. There was a link provided in the invoice e-mail, but here it is again. The download link is in the bracketed area on the right side of the banner.

Nobody has problems with font scaling?
I have problems with a couple of programs with font scaling, including Scrivener.

Regarding font scaling issues… Do a search on these forums, via search field in upper right hand corner, on the word “manifest”. And see the article referenced there, … plays-fix/. Hope that is of some assistance.

Thank you so much for this!