Windows 11 sees scriv files as folders, meaning I can't open anything

Hi folks

I have recently upgraded to Windows 11. All my .sciv files now appear to be folders, not files. And I can’t even attempt to “open” a folder in scrivener. Only the scrivx file inside that folder… which doesn’t work. Any ideas what’s going on here? If I - for instance - create a new scrivener document and save it, I then cannot open it again.

I am also a mac user, have had no such difficulties there.


Hello lostandconfused, and welcome to the forum.

The way that the Mac and Windows operating systems show a user their Scrivener project is OS-specific. We have this Knowledge Base article that explains the behavior of the two and offers tips when working across platforms like this.

If you have any additional questions about what you’re seeing on that article, please let me know.

Also, have a look at §5.1.3, Opening Existing Projects, in the Windows user manual PDF.

That should be working, so if it is not, some clarity on what that means precisely would be necessary. Most likely though, the project wasn’t copied fully. If you’re using some kind of networking to copy stuff around, it is often best to compress the project as a file using Zip. That ensures all of its parts copy correctly, and also greatly speeds up transfer times.

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Make sure folder is not a zip file will open like a regular folder and show the scrivener project file, but will not open. the key is look at the folder containing the file in detailed view and should see a column compressed size. Windows makes a zip file look like a normal folder, see the pic.

Thank you. Problem solved! When I use the “open existing projects” function in Scrivener, the file opens, even though it didn’t when I clicked the file itself, as I can on a Mac.

Interesting, perhaps something did not go right with the installation, as it should have associated “.scrivx” files with Scrivener so you can open them directly from the file manager. You can set this yourself though, like you can on a Mac.

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.scriv files have always been folders on Windows and packages on the Mac. (Even on the Mac, it’s really a folder, but it looks like a file). On the Mac, we can open the project by double-clicking on the package file. On Windows, you have to open the folder and find the .scrivx and double-click on that.