Windows Freeze on Composition Mode

Version: Windows
File size: 25k words
Issue: Program freezes when attempting to enter Composition Mode using F11 or View/Composition Mode; must close program using X

Issue began spontaneously on 11/30/2021. I reset my PC with a fresh install of Windows 10 and issue still occurring in this file. Composition works in my other Scrivener project.

Issue occurs even after changing background image.

As this is not happening with your other project active it’s possible that a file within your Scrivener project might be causing the freeze.

Have you recently added a media file or something copied and pasted from another source that might be taking up RAM and causing the slowdown? If so, try moving it out of your project temporarily and test to see if that resolves the problem.

Do you always have the same document selected when you attempt to enter Composition mode? Although Scrivener is capable of handling large files, performance with large files might vary with different computers or the file you are selecting might be corrupted, so try selecting a different file and test to see if it freezes.

If all else fails you could try clearing your interface settings and restoring the project’s appearance options to factory settings. Only do this as a last resort because although no project data will be affected, all “UI” preferences will be deleted including label tinting, displayed outliner columns, index card sizes, editor splits etc.

Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard while selecting Scrivener’s File menu and choose “Close Project and Clear Interface Settings.” If some setting in the project’s preferences are interfering with Composition mode, this might correct it.