Windows 3 - couple of wishlist items

Hi - beta 2.9.911 wishlist:

  1. When oh when am i going to be able to actually SEE my binder icons ? They’re completely useless for those whose eyes are non-myopic. Putting icons inside icons already so small is something quite perverse.
  2. I want to dark-theme my scrivener GUI tool bars and pane separator bars please. Some of us want our eye sight when we’re old. I don’t want to have to rely on fullscreen to get to this.
  3. I’m not sure where Windows 3 is headed in terms of MAC parity of GUI but to be honest - i need Windows / MAC parity of esteem, just like all other sensible software produces. They’re far too far out of sync for a 2.9.9 The Windows 2.9.9 menus are horrible compared to the MAC menus
  4. The GUI is looking about 20 years old still. Why is that ? The default GUI colour/font/boarders - why don’t you sort out the 21st century thematic here

Over all i’m joining the masses who’ve moved onto the fence with this software now. It’s incomprehensible to me how the software updating has become such a ridiculously long-drawn out piece-meal mess when it should be your daily bread and butter and form the backbone of your business. You seem to need to lay off the dope and pull you’re head out of the hipster/middle class chaos that now plagues this project. I’m checking out alternatives after Xmas.

When I see people say “I need this feature or it’s not worth using Scrivener at all” I’m reminded that Jane Austen produced some rather fantastic books using this early Scrivener prototype:

But, yes, I also love dark modes.

We’re hipsters now? I’ll have to inform my kids; I’m sure they’ll be impressed. :slight_smile:

@ pugfender - were not discussing the design of a writing table or 19th century expectations about output. - i think i can figure out alts to scriv without going neanderthal

@KB yes but the chaotic kind that risks losing it entirely or maybe has already done so - the internet is rife with speculation… i wouldn’t necc tell your children that part …

Well I hope it’s not intended as an insult, because if so I’ll have to direct you to the forum rules. While you’re welcome to express frustration (politely), I’m not sure how accusing us of being stoners is particularly helpful or constructive. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “icons inside icons”, and I strongly disagree about with your accusations of the UI being out of date, but accept that there is a degree of subjective opinion there.

Hey Keith, you ‘hipster’, please leave the The GUI stuck in the 20th century thematic. I don’t think my poor middle class, hipster, pot addled brain could handle the century leap.

There may be one or two sitting on the fence, however I’ll stay firmly with the silent majority eagerly waiting full release. :smiley:

Btw, still trying to find this ‘rife’. Must be on a different internet to the one I frequent.

I respect you allowing me to express frustration and your capacity for endless level headedness (no doubt you’re a great parent) - but when the expression of frustration becomes the only constructive offering available, then the integrity and root cause of eternal states of level headedness has to be questioned. So maybe in that context questioning if dope is an issue has real validity. btw - I’m glad your survey has provided an outlet for your long term user’s to vent perhaps useful expressions of frustration.