Windows 3 How do I open existing Scrivner projects?

Hi, I downloaded the version 3 trial today. When I choose open existing project, there are none. I tried going directly to the local backup but again version 3 doesn’t find any compatible files.
There is possibly a simple step I am missing. Step by step if you can help, thank you everyone.

Where did you save your projects? Search for .scriv folders in File Explorer.

Decompress a zip backup before trying to open the project.

The user manual has detailed instructions for recovering from a backup, in §5.2.3, Restoring from Backups. It’s really super straight-forward though if you’ve ever used a zip file before to extract the contents of the zip.

That said, unless you did some aggressive spring cleaning, all of your old projects should be where you saved them in the previous version. It’s just a matter of finding where they are and loading them in the new version. You should only have to resort to backups if they are gone.

This. There are no “Recent Projects” listed because the new version doesn’t have the history file that would list them. But they should be right where you left them.

When you get a chance, I’d recommend taking a look at our upgrade guide, here: … -guide-win